Let’s know what is a Project Management Office (PMO)

A Project Management Office is an intern or extern group that manages, mantain and protect the standardize for projects trough organization. Keeps the good ways, status and direction of projects.  Not all companies are ready to use PMO, but is a good idea in big organizations if have a lot of projects. PMO ensures that […]

Talaia makes a Project Manager’s life easier

The business world is in constant changes, companies needs a good management tool that doing the organization about this and priories the good initiatives and ideas. Talaia’s Project Portfolio Management is the solution that’s need an organization for put planes to its dreams and convert to goals. Have to a negotiation function in a strategic […]

What is Project Portfolio Management

Nowadays many companies recognize that effective Project Portfolio Management is for a strategic priority and impacts greatly the product life cycle, contribute to fast results on competitive market. The PPM allows to concentres project planning and management processes to improve the management of multiple projects at organization. Principal goal of Project Portfolio Management is to […]

Monthly Project Managers Meetup Singapore

Last thursday, april 12, had done the event that’s Brickwell Pte Ltd made, our partner in both Singapore and Malaysia, about Talaia Open PPM Project management tool and project management profesional like Agile scrum. The meet taked place in EPM International Centre of Singapore. We have a total of 21 guests and the event started […]

The Resource Scenario Simulator is a new functionality included in TALAIA

The Resource Scenario Simulator is a new functionality included in TALAIA in February 2018 from version TALAIA OpenPPM ® – Project Portfolio Management Fiona v7.6.0 and on. The Resource Scenario Simulator allows the user to gain a high level vision of the capacity of resources with a specific job category, in relation to planned hours […]

We release web and we want to celebrate it with you!

Our TALAIA OpenPPM Software is happy! We inaugurate web! And to celebrate it we want to expand our #Freetrial to 60 days. If you register during the month of November you can enjoy a start of your projects totally free for 2 months. Send us an email and we will activate the permissions to extend […]

Do you want a TALAIA OpenPPM demo?

  Register now and one member of Talaia Team will give you an over view about Talaia OpenPPM Or if you want, you can join for the next webinar writing to We have a personaly attention for you I want a demo!  

New partner Partner in South Africa!! Visualitics

We have a new partner in South Africa,  Visualitics company join us to can offer TALAIA OpenPPM to his customers. Visualitics  help your partners to develop tools and strategies for different areas like, health, telcos, mining, commerce… making decisions in real. You can contact them on their website, view partner section.  

The Company Imperium, from Sri Lanka, is joining our partner network

The Company Imperium, from Sri Lanka, is joining our partner network. Impremium (Pvt) Ltd is a company that designs software, development, technology and services. They offer useful and affordable solutions to satisfy the complex requirements of their customers. A practical way of thinking mixed with a great experience, 100% committed to providing quality in 100% […]

We received KIDesign.IO our partner in Canada and EEUU

This morning we received the visit of KIDesign.IO our partner from Canada and USA, recently joined our network of partners. KIDesign are specialists in: Big Data Analytics, Protection, & Project Management Help organizations to develop innovative data protection solutions based on our international expertise and experience. Compliance Expert advisory on compliance with US, Canadian and European […]