Demand Management through the Integration of UNIFY OSCC with TALAIA

As a client of TALAIA wanted a web form to be developed through which projects could be created, so we got down to work. This was possible thanks to the integration carried out from the tool itself with Unify’s OpenScape Contact Center.

The first step was to develop the web form accessible from any browser, which allows petitioners to fill in the fields indicated, manage the processing and storage of the data entered, which once filled in and sent generate a new record in the database of applications. The form, once filled in and sent, recreates a demand management process with its validation flow. When the process is finished and if the demand is accepted, the integration consists of automating the creation of a new project in the TALAIA tool itself, also adding certain data from the form to fields in the TALAIA initiation tab.

In order for these instructions to be transferred, the integration between the tool, OpenScape Contact web form was applied. This gave us the necessary reliability and requirement to integrate the customer’s needs, adding new functionalities and all this from the cloud.

A mockup was provided in which the proposals for the web forms were shown following the styles of the website.

All of this was hosted on own servers, and following the specifications suggested by TALAIA. Compatible with their browsers approved and in languages approved and developed in a responsive manner to ensure correct display on different devices.

The solution provided to this request consisted of the web application within an application server that included the Project Application and the database where the information provided within the project management tool Talaia is stored. An interaction process is created in each of the previous systems through integration, which means that with all the data provided, a project is started in the tool that will be given a status, from which it will be possible to manage and work on a regular basis from TALAIA.

Without a doubt, it is yet another example of the versatility of our project management tool.