The Company Imperium, from Sri Lanka, is joining our partner network

The Company Imperium, from Sri Lanka, is joining our partner network.

Impremium (Pvt) Ltd is a company that designs software, development, technology and services. They offer useful and affordable solutions to satisfy the complex requirements of their customers. A practical way of thinking mixed with a great experience, 100% committed to providing quality in 100% of the activities they undertake. Impremium always offers its products and solutions on time. This is the result from a close coordination and work of a committed team, with a project management philosophy and mantra, as well! Doing things on time is very important, and they are well aware. Why?……… “because customers have their own work plans and a business to manage as well! They have a deep understanding of the business needs that are crucial in the design and development of a definitive solution.

Impremium (Pvt) Ltd first started operating in 2012, as a software department working under 3SG Corporation (Pvt) Ltd., an Outsourcing services provider (BPO) that is respected in the US market. A pioneer in BPO in Sri Lanka, 3SG was established more than 15 years ago. 3SG is a Prime Group subsidiary, which is headquartered in Connecticut, USA. BPO’s success in its off-shore operations were carried out by 3SG for the Canadian operations of BMW in the US and, occidental and Seguros Mundial, NiSource of energy, etc. With the purpose of focusing on design and development of software, the software department of 3SG was incorporated as Impremium (Pvt) Ltd in January of 2015, with a group of 10 professionals.

They have a wide range of services and offer third-party products, such as our TALAIA OpenPPM tool. To contact them you can access the partner section in our website: