What is Project Portfolio Management

Nowadays many companies recognize that effective Project Portfolio Management is for a strategic priority and impacts greatly the product life cycle, contribute to fast results on competitive market.

The PPM allows to concentres project planning and management processes to improve the management of multiple projects at organization.

Principal goal of Project Portfolio Management is to improve the coordination of project resources for optimize the delivery of products and helps release more value for the company, prioritizes projects base on the perceived business value and return of investment (ROI). Centralized, reporting, monitoring and analysing the performance of the entire project with its objectives.

Beginning of a project is necessary that Project Manager identify the resources more appropriate and assigns them to the projects. Using resources and calculates the percentage of an employer’s time that will be required to complete tasks in time.

Our project management software; Talaia OpenPPM improves the levels of quality at projects and products, increasing the satisfaction of clients. Consists in a clear and easy visualization of projects for a better valuation of objectives. Also allows to standardize the PMBOK methodology, founding a common language to avoid mistakes.



Since at the start of company, keeps an improvement philosophy, investing the organization with principal’s referents for manage project portfolios of best organizations. The produce results as initiatives and inversions for value the viability before approves and transform in projects. Provides with a vision of important information like the scorecard, that allows to know about the status of portfolio. Controls the progress and reach goals at different projects for a deadline check. Has a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that can be proved the projects and its progress. With Talaia manages all the aspects of requested resources and be decreed of an integrated module that allows input the worked hours and costs of tasks of different projects and to know where are go the efforts. Our PPM has a Dashboard that amount the scorecard information and show different charts and contributes a better vision about state of projects. Also allows create lists and pre-definite reports with advanced filters for get information about projects, Human Resources or finances. The reports can be printed or saved in PDF.

Actually, Talaia OpenPPM is one of better Project Portfolios Management, thankful all of benefits with these was made. The easy access to information is the most important for projects, increasing the management culture, aligns all the company and creates a report process and secures the deadline terms.