TALAIA Project Dashboard

Discover the TALAIA Dashboard that allows you to see all the details of your project portfolio. It has different filters to know the state in which they are and allows you to add others to complement the information of the projects. With our dashboard you will be able to know the latest reports, updates, milestones, […]

Learn how to do a Time Reporting of your work

Check our new TALAIA video related to the Team Member (TM) profiles features. You will discover what a TM can see and do in our solution. You will learn more about how to report, validate your project and operation timesheet, and see information such as, assignments, workload, calendar…


Have you received our Christmas Card? You can see in this video how to set up step by step, also, we have included the document if you want to Download Origami Smartphone Stand template and repeat to many times that you want. If you are there because you are searching for origami smartphone stand, you […]

TALAIA’s video tutorial

TALAIA’s video tutorial, These tutorials are a support complement to start working with TALAIA on a more visual way. TALAIA OpenPPM allows enter and manage all projects without need download software. Try our free version and see for yourself how easy is manage your projects and investments. MULTIPROFILE On these first video its know about […]

New Uploads

Visit our video channel , we publish our workshops , webinar and presentations. Last uploaded, Procurement management with TALAIA OpenPPM Part 1 . Procurement con TALAIA OpenPPM