Let’s know what is a Project Management Office (PMO)

A Project Management Office is an intern or extern group that manages, mantain and protect the standardize for projects trough organization. Keeps the good ways, status and direction of projects.  Not all companies are ready to use PMO, but is a good idea in big organizations if have a lot of projects.

PMO ensures that all work is going in time and do it right, and may:

  • Give a real solutions that contribute benefits to the business
  • Line up the corporative strategy with culture
  • To be the key for the organization
  • Integrate dates and information
  • Has resources, methodologies, tools and tactics for projects are good
  • Identify and envelope a good agile methodology for the company

Exists different types of PMO, characterizes for the different kind of authority granted to them within the company. Let’s point out the three models that we consider as main:

  • Supportive PMO. Provides support expertly with good work, accessing to information. The group can work in the company where the projects are coming out but need and additional control. The objective of this project management is to procure a cleaner and transversal vision to the project.
  • Controlling PMO. Serves to control and continue with the project if an absence of unity, it’s necessary for everything carried out as planned. The objective is to generate all documentation that the internal and external auditors of the company decide.
  • Directive PMO. Dedicate to managing people in charge of the projects on how to act. Allocating resources to the Project Managers according to the needs of projects. This project management is more effective in large organizations and offer service to different areas.

Implementing a PMO is a strategy that helps many organizations to carry out projects more efficiently, it gives them more homogeneous character. Talaia allows a dinamic and update report about status and execution grade of  projects.

It is the most appropiate solution to support PMO’s of clients, directly manage for himself or mediators.


Image from Vecteezy