Portfolio vision for Corporate Governance

The different features of the portfolio module enable you to easily create, manage portfolios and strategical objectives. Align projects with business objectives. Prioritize initiatives and projects based on multiple criterias. Improve projects resource planning and assignment and concentrate investment on high value projects.

Focus on organization strategical objectives

Defines strategical objectives, group them and determine their impact levels. Select and add projects that are aligned with the goals of your portfolio and define their weight against each other.

Align projects with strategical objectives

Thanks to the Scenario Simulator and Waterline graphics, Talaia helps you to easily define a list of projects to execute based upon their budget or priority.

Deliver on promises, select, plan, control and priorize

A centralized and unified information to manage your Project portfolios, programs and investment. One single source of information to set priorities for better decision making.

Software cartera proyectos

Intuitive Planning with a graphic WBS interface

Visualize your projects through a work breakdown structure. Organize project’s scope in work packages and tasks. Link ideas to activities and reach your targets.


Minimize risk, delays and control productivity through EVM

Project delays, over costs, issues? Use EVM to check your projects productivity, gain visibility and overcome problems.


Meet the deadlines

Control delivery dates using an interactive Gantt to anticipate delays. Use milestone management with multiple projects target dates.

control timing proyectos

Plan Resources

Plan workload and optimize your resources. Take the right decisions, assigning the resources according their skills and availability.

planificación recursos

Effort control

Follow up and compare plan versus actual dedication.

seguimiento planificación