Slack Integration with TALAIA

We have been working lately on the integration between SLACK and TALAIA, and we are now happy to release our new integration between those 2 best in class solutions. In the Project operation Management, the team collaboration is fundamental. And a big part of the role of a Project Manager is communicating and negotiating with […]

UNIFY integration integracion OCSS

Demand Management through the Integration of UNIFY OSCC with TALAIA

As a client of TALAIA wanted a web form to be developed through which projects could be created, so we got down to work. This was possible thanks to the integration carried out from the tool itself with Unify’s OpenScape Contact Center. The first step was to develop the web form accessible from any browser, […]

Competitive advantage with Project Management

As our PMO Squad partner Joe Pusz explains in this article, having good project management in your company gives you a great advantage over your competitors. Competitive advantages are conditions that allow a company to produce a service of equal value at a lower price. These conditions allow the productive entity to generate more sales […]

Include the Project Strategy in the Corporate Strategy

  The way in which projects are managed and executed is very closely related to the success of the organization, as everything is linked. The strategy is the plan of action that makes it possible to achieve the long-term goal. When this aspect is taken into account, it makes perfect sense for projects to be […]

Learn how to setting your PMO

Everyone starts at some point and someone who is setting up a PMO for the first time may find it difficult. With this article from Parwaaz Consulting Corporation you can have the whole process under control in 100 days. Is it risky to do it without experience? Maybe. Is it possible? Yes. In this post […]

PMOS. What really needs to be done?

How PMOs should fit into an organization? Consulting on any Project Management platform we realize that recently a lot of attention has been paid to the purpose and value of the PMO, and this has been done from advice on daily activities in companies that work with PMO. Let’s take some time to see what […]

Guide for Project Management Offices beginner’s

Starter guide for Project Management Offices As we explained in a previous article, the PMOs serve to ensure that companies understand the value of the investments of their projects, usually focused on improving the stability of the management processes. The PMOs can have several formats, adapting to the needs according to functions. The fifth edition […]

How a Project Manager manages with a tools?

  “If you want that something works, name a responsible” Juan Luis Urcola Tellería A Project Manager needs manage projects, not tools to capacities the team to a culture fix to results and the good modes with the best resources, managing expectative and areas could automatize thought tools. A good Project Manager is who that […]


  Nowadays we are in an environment where is necessary that the companies know about the difference between governance management and operative tasks management for the better results of work. The corporate governance management abilities the organization, identifies and select the investments that maximize the profit of business. Meanwhile the operative management possibilities to the company […]

7 details of TALAIA. PPM tool

    Talaia offers a centralized vision for all your projects and initiatives. Through Dashboards and customized reports, it helps you to make your first steps in the governance world accessing a structured and up to date executive information. Our goal is to provide a governance solution based on the PMBOK® standards to help unify […]