How a Project Manager manages with a tools?


“If you want that something works, name a responsible” Juan Luis Urcola Tellería

A Project Manager needs manage projects, not tools to capacities the team to a culture fix to results and the good modes with the best resources, managing expectative and areas could automatize thought tools. A good Project Manager is who that knows use the best software tools available to optimize the work and of her team.

The PMBOK guide explains how to be should  the Project Manager:

  • Someone with knowledges in Project Management themes.
  • Someone competent and who shows motivation when applies their knowledges.
  • Personality in reference to interpersonal abilities of Project Management, Soft Skills.

One of the big problems that the Project Managers found are afront the few integrations that’s exist between methodologies and tools, some compatible points could create an implementation between their. That’s one part and for the big quantities of tools that exist and that present very unique features that may be specificity for every one abilities of tool to combine and got a better control about projects.

The principal obligation of a Project Manager is ends with exit. It is a little bit inexact concept and difficult to define but is necessary get clear and insists with the objectives.

The authority of Project Manager could be of two types, formal – legal or real – informal. The formal one derives of the own structure of organization, with the position, the executive range, for hierarchy, delegated powers or for economic control inside the company. Meanwhile informal or real its personal and gets for the technical knowledges, business capacity, experience or personal prestige and are good recognized for the members.

The Project Manager could be defined how these people that integrates the intern efforts and outside of organization to manage the execution to providing the success. The good Project managers may know that a big part of results of projects are in the correct distribution of tasks and the correct management, counting with the best tools, that have an online support and allow access from every place and dispositive, allowing tasks as: edition and control versions, add documents of different tasks, share files with teams, security to protect the documents and information, security copies of integration with the project management software.

A Project Manager is developing like a key figure in the planification, execution and control of projects and impulse the advance trough decisions to objectives. Counts with an executive power and authority to get decisions and allow the projects.

At the time to contact with others unities or persons depends of the organizational structure that got the organization. In an organization structured for projects their got more relevance because all pass under their supervision.

Their mission could resume to manage the team of allows to the objectives of projects, put more importance on the next functions:

  • Collaboration with the client on the definition of objectives for the projects.
  • Planification of projects in all aspects.
  • Direction and coordination.
  • Always maintenance the external relations of project.
  • Get necessary decisions to know the situations in relation to goals.
  • Adoption of correct measures to correct the deviations that could detect.
  • Respond front customers and bosses with the goals of projects.
  • Propose modifications when its produce circumstances that drive to them.

A Project Manager should have a big perspective, that got different profiles:

Manager profile. Controlling and allowing all the objectives of projects.

Social profile. Important capacity for personal relations, that’s the principal representative part of project for the customers, providers, etc.

And how a plus we could add too other type of profile:

Technical profile. That knows the most actual technology is the starter point to have in count to get the keys of project, planning resources, generating ideas and efficient solutions.

How we comment at anterior posts a good Project Manager should be: organized, count with efficiency to the time to organize, leader, manager of team, motivational, a good businessman, influencer, good communicator, competent, allow the best rudiment of bullet and apportion solutions from any problem, and we can include four abilities more: ends on time, no pass the bullet assigned, offering quality results and allowing expectative.

To become in a Project Manager is recommendable count with the certification that accredit as these and follow in formation to has the necessary knowledge to get new professional objectives and should be actualized about the news that they can find inside of project portfolio management tools world.

The project management is not only having the correct tools, be should have a series of abilities that help to manage the projects in the most efficient way possible. Know how communicate, planning, manage the time, control the costs, get good decisions, being multitask, businessman, know how rescuer a project and show enthusiasm and motivation.

Respect the tools help to manage the team and the job in a more agile way, effective and in a collaborative way, apportion fast communication and instant allowing work in updated mode and we could group in two big groups, the tools that help to manage tasks and help to manage projects. The principal functions that provide are:

  • Change files in a real time
  • Notifications
  • Time following
  • Cost following
  • Management in relation to customers CRM
  • Billing
  • Immediate communication trough the chat or notifications

In the PMBOK identifies a total of 113 tools to manage the different parts and areas of a project, that means that without a depurate adequation of tools are going difficult the application of them. It could be managed all the parts of a project with different tools apportion the management of tasks in all areas of knowledges. Without they the management, the execution of human’s resources, the communication, the monitoring, the time, the quality of projects is the most difficult process for Project Managers. And are demonstrate that during this last years the use of software for manage the projects has been protagonist. Monitorization all the process like a fundamental process for the companies doing the job in the best way possible. Analyzing the tools like developing in every area of management that form the professional exercise of Project Management.

Definitely and to concluding, we got know that for a good management of project we need know better what tools are more convenient use and whose are the best that adapt to the necessities of Project Manager and for the organization, as too the teams that will work with them. If we stay with a company that work with a different methodology that base the tool, could produce a different inconvenient to the organization. The principal point resides in that the Project manager knows who is the most adequate to the general needs of company.

A Project Manager should have all the necessaries knowledges o adequate the team needs, projects and company to the tools that select and work with them.