TALAIA’s video tutorial

TALAIA’s video tutorial,

These tutorials are a support complement to start working with TALAIA on a more visual way. TALAIA OpenPPM allows enter and manage all projects without need download software. Try our free version and see for yourself how easy is manage your projects and investments.


On these first video its know about the multiple options that Talaia allows, segmented the information on profiles with differents users and departments, you could dreate all departments as the organization needs. Video 1



On the next video its show step by step how add a project since begining in Talaia. Video 2

We hope that its been so helpfull!

The principal features of TALAIA are: allow objectives, select, plan, control and priorize the portfolio of projects, unifiying all he information for a centralized administration trought programs and invertions.

From Talaia we install, configure and manage all the points of beginings of the tool, like the initial charge of projets, mantence and support necessaries to work in the most optimal conditions and with the maximal profite. Talaia allows you select the best model for the needs of your organization: On Premise, Cloud and Saas.

Our tool offers a central vision of alls projects and initiatives that manage a company, making easy the access to the executive update and structured information on inmediate way for the dashboards and reports.

The proposal is a high governance solution inspired by PMBOK standards, that helps to unifiying the information and introducing the company inside a good practices culture with the business srategy.