TALAIA Project Dashboard

Discover the TALAIA Dashboard that allows you to see all the details of your project portfolio. It has different filters to know the state in which they are and allows you to add others to complement the information of the projects. With our dashboard you will be able to know the latest reports, updates, milestones, risk level, etc. So how to export all the information to an Excel sheet.

Reach objectives, select, plan, control and prioritize Manage your Projects, Programs and Investments portfolio for a centralized administration.

Unify information, establish priorities and make better decisions. Minimizes risks and deviations, controls the EVM Will we finish on time? Are there delays in the project? Will there be extra cost? Incidents with suppliers? Evaluate the performance of your projects with metrics that allow you to react on time to a risk or deviation.

TALAIA OpenPPM allows you to manage with the Earned Value. Meet delivery deadlines Monitor delivery times, anticipate time deviations through an interactive Gantt chart.

Performs management by milestones controlling the expected timing. Plan resources Planning resources, visualizing at all times what is being worked on and being able to evaluate the workload of a department is vital to deliver projects on time.

TALAIA OpenPPM offers you the possibility to plan resources and assign them tasks. Control the effort Track and compare the actual dedication versus the planned one.

Do not hesitate to use TALAIA, the best and most complete tool for project management that you will find in the market today.