TALAIA cooperates with Project .Pax

Project. Pax participes of Project Management course in UBA (University of Buenos Aires).

Our partner in Argentina, Marcelo Collia, is doing a masteclass of Project Management in the University of Buenos Aires. The studies are based in the improvement of learned process, in particular way for the retention of concepts and the concepts formation. The lessons are divided in project teams and every team have been changed the rols for experiment the diferent perspectives of the reallity in Project Management. On every phase of simulation the students generate a discussion about the differents alternatives and every team applies during the simulation. Of these way students are combinated the differents phases of listening, reading, looking, demonstring, argueing and practicing the methodology. The simulation apports a real situation inside a organization with process of lanch project and organizational components about Lessons Learned and Risks.

This course is inside speciallity of Project Management about Marketing & Management studies.

What kind of profiles can access to this course? A professionals that manage and got responsabilities on the development of programs and projects, directors and coordinators of team work of jobs in private organizations or public institutions, also too, people who want manage their professional want change their career direction to programs and projects or management organizators for executed projects.

TALAIA OpenPPM allows to the students could access a simulator when they have the initiative during the course and once finished the studies. One of clear vocations of TALAIA always has been the docence on the effective management of the projects, from their beginings are present at universities and studies of superior education for the use of students. For this reason TALAIA not only helps to students also too help the companies that want improve their projects and put in the real situations for a real jobs.