Slack Integration with TALAIA

We have been working lately on the integration between SLACK and TALAIA, and we are now happy to release our new integration between those 2 best in class solutions.

In the Project operation Management, the team collaboration is fundamental. And a big part of the role of a Project Manager is communicating and negotiating with his team and customers. Therefore it is key to have an environment that helps that communication flows properly.

In TALAIA, we are very aware of this need, and that is the reason why we decided to build a connector with SLACK, which is one of the best solution offering all the necessary communication features to share information with your project team and as such optimize your project management.

You create and plan your high level project planification team in TALAIA. Once this is done and before moving to the project execution, the connector will allow you to export all the necessary planning information from TALAIA to SLACK.

By clicking on the button, you will automatically create a new channel in SLACK which will be named as the Project short name from TALAIA. At the same time, all the assigned team members defined in TALAIA will be added as members of this new channel in SLACK. The Project Manager that is identified in the INITITAION tab will also be added as a member of this channel.

In the event that, as the project is being re-planned or simply during its execution, you need to add one or more team members to the project, you can update the team member list of SLACK by clicking once again on the Create/Update SLACK button. By doing so the connector will compare the resources assigned in TALAIA against the channel member and add members that are missing.

Without a doubt this integration of project management and collaborative tools is a great help facilitating communication between members.