Roles and Users of TALAIA

Talaia is based on a clear and simple vision of initiatives and projects. It helps assessing, estimating and fulling objectives and therefore, generating more confidence in the team and management decision making. Prioritize projects, programs and initiatives thanks to a unique source of information, increase your return on investment and efficiency. Achieve your objectives, maximize your budget and inform on the project and program status. Talaia facilitates process standardization through the PMBOK® by creating a common language for the company avoiding confusion and misunderstanding. As a result, Talaia will increase projects quality level and improve your customer satisfaction.

Talaia is multi-profile (8 roles + 2 users) and helps segmenting the information for each user in each department.

Roles and users:

  • Resource Manager (RM). Responsible for human availability according to resource capacity planning and formation. Could: accept, reject or propose a different assignation.
  • Functional manager (FM). Director of the Performing Organization, responsible for the strategical objectives alignment, is a part of the steering committees, control the programs and projects performance. Supervise PMs, IMs and PgMs. Has a complete vision about all inversions, projects and department programs.
  • Project Manager Office (PMO). Define processes and quality standards, supervise projects and programs performance, centralize functional support and submit information for decision taking.
  • Program Manager (PgM). Responsible for program management. Supervise PMs. The Program has five phases: definition, initiation, configuration, execution and closing. Introduce the available budgets and compare with the available it and the costs accumulated.
  • Investment Manager (IM). Responsible to manage initiating projects, approve or reject investments. Investments have 3 statuses: In progress, Approved and Closed.
  • Project Manager (PM). Main role on Talaia, responsible for project management, project team and communication. He supervises TMs. Project have 4 statuses: Initiating, Planning, Execution and Closed.
  • Team Member (TM). Resources assigned to the project team, reporting hours and expenses. Register comments, keep and approve real dedications like costs.
  • Sponsor (SP). Responsible for the project financing. He helps achieving projects objectives. It has a complete visibility about all projects and inversions where is sponsor.


  • Portfolio Manager (PFM). It is the manager of company with responsibilities about all departments. Responsible of alignment of portfolio projects for the strategic goals of company. Supervise PMs, IMs, PgMs and FMs. He has absolute visibility about all inversions, projects and programs.
  • Stakeholder (SH). It has visibility about projects. Could be interns or externs of projects and can consult in real time.