Reasons to use TALAIA

From the moment that projects are realized and teams have to divide the work, one of problems are that use so many tools to plan, give and execute. This process difficult the communication and the fast evolution of job. Talaia is the tool that unify all in one to work in the better conditions, helping to connect and interact with the team members and their tasks.

Companies are different and unique. From Talaia we will want improve the efficiency of projects.


Reasons  why TALAIA effect the work:

  1. Time tracking. Since the start of project is monitoring and allows register the progress, time that’s done for tasks and know where necessary additional help is. This reports a numerous benefit, because not only gives to manage also too helps the teams to divide the tasks for their selves. Improving the productivity and making the realization of job less stressing and increasing the level quality of results.


  1. Contribute to improve the management culture and the good practices. Allow the teams work in remote and found under the same tool. Talaia can transform it in a virtual office, where are all documents, communication, uploads, etc. Available for all the members with license without care they are. Be able to a big friend for the Digital Transformation.


  1. Makes easy the access to information in real time. This allows that all information is finding upload for supervise, edit or identify the steps that are following and correct in the minimum symptom mistake. With document management isn’t necessary use email because are joined in the same tool.


  1. Aligns the company with the business strategy. Talaia can be used as a business strategy, like a site where everyone is part of the project and could be see and upload the documents more relevant. Eliminating big quantity of paper, involving with Corporate Social Responsibility and organizing tasks keeping update all the information.


For to know more about Talaia could try these four features and more benefits, enter in Talaia OpenPPM site. We have available a 30-day Free Trial without necessity of software download. Let’s surprise you with our project portfolio management tool in a few days, do the job easier and the results of projects, unifying all under the same system.