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    I am evaluating OpenPPM and have completed the Easy installation.

    I have created a project, and am now in the planning phase.

    I have created a simple WBS which validates OK. I have also added deliverables. However I cannot see how to add or edit project activities – if I search, only the highest level WBS is displayed. The Manual indicates that they should appear based on the WBS, however no green “+” button appears for me either as PMO role or Project Manager role. See screenshot at:

    As I cannot add activities, I cannot plan human resources..

    What am I doing wrong?




    -Peter Dean (17-11-2015)

    I think I have resolved this – need to uncheck Control Account of the highest level Project WBS. I’ll read the manual next time!



    -Talaia (17-11-2015)

    🙂 Good to hear and see that the documentation is useful.




    -Anthony Callanan (23-11-2015)


    I have recently installed OpenPPM 4.2.9. using the easy install. I have created the various roles required as well as the team resources and a program.

    I have created the WBS items, and have unchecked Control Account as noted above, however, I still cannot create any activities. There is no “+” at the end of the Activities bar.

    I am logged in as the Project Manager.

    Is there something else I have missed



    -Talaia (23-11-2015)

    Hi Anthony,

    From you are telling,I could simply be a internet browser issue. Try to clear all you cookies and temp files and log again.

    Let me know it that works.


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