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    For my company I’m currently exploring the possibilities of OpenPPM.
    Sofar it seems to run just fine (using the 4.2.9 version in virtualbox as a demo unit). However I have a question regarding the use of calendars.

    I can configure multiple base calendars which in turn I can use in projects and teammembers, but I can’t see any exeptions I’ve made to them. I also can’t change the non-working days. Even teammembers who have this option I they need to fillin their timesheets can click on this option but nothing seems to happen.

    I’d like to know more about this feature so any info is welcome.



    -Talaia (12-11-2015)

    Hi Alexander,

    At that point the calendar itself does not allow to paint these exceptions days in the Base Calendars, eventhough they are defined.

    Then How to use Calendar.
    You can apply Calendars to Team Member & to Projects.
    To apply a calendar to a Team Member, you have to do it when you assign the Profile Team Member to a user in the Maintenance module.
    To apply a Calendar to a project you have to do it in each project in the Plan Tab and before you assign Team Member to the Project. Team Member will visualize it when they have to report hours in the Team Sheet, once their assignation have been approved by their Resource Manager.

    Finally, when a Team Member have a specific Calendar which is diiferent from the Calendar that is assigned to a Project, the rule is that the Team Member Calendar prevail over the Project Calender.

    Hope this helped.




    -Alexander (13-11-2015)

    Hi Fabrice,
    This actually helped a lot. Thank you.

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