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    Dear Support team, could you tell me how the operations approval process works?



    -Talaia (22-01-2016)

    Dear Juan Pedro,

    The operation approval process follows the same approval process as the project time approval when the Team Member declares operation hours.




    -Juan Pedro Gallardo (18-02-2016)

    But, using the flag “RM approval level in operations” set to APP3 the operations remain at APP2 once approved by TM. It looks like there’s an error as they should be set to APP3.



    -Talaia (22-02-2016)

    The “RM approval level in operations” refers to an other process. It means that the RM directly set operation for a TM, like holidays. The RM does it directly. RM goes to Resource Pool and Resource Calendar of the TM selected. Then clicking in the calendar the RM assigns the operation to the TM. This assignment goes then directly to APP3 if you have set it that way in the Admin Module. For exemple a RM can assign holidays directly to a TM without going through the approval process.



    -Juan Pedro Gallardo (22-02-2016)

    Thanks for the clarification. Our main issue is that Operations remain at APP2 once the time sheet is approved by PM and they are not included in the Ressource Capacity Running view.
    Could you please check and confirm this feature? Thanks.



    -Talaia (23-02-2016)

    What is your last levl of approval? Is it PM or PMO/FM? You can see this in the General Settings of the Admin Module?



    -Juan Pedro Gallardo (23-02-2016)

    The Last level for approve time and expense sheet is “Project Manager”



    -Talaia (26-02-2016)

    There is a known issue with that approval level workflow. It is solved and we will include in the next release. In the meantime you should select the last level of approval to PMO or FM

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