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    I woud like to know if the project is on going and how many active users, more or less, has it?



    -Fabrice (13-05-2013)


    Yes, of course the OpenPPM project is alive and we keep on improving the tool..
    We expect to shortly be able to generate a new release of the solution.

    In term of users, it is diffcult to say how many people are really using OpenPPM, but only in 2013 we have had more than 2,300 downloads and increasing.

    On an other hand, as well I can redirect you to this website:

    There you will be able to find all information on professional services that are offered on the basis of OpenPPM. There are quite some references of professional customers that are using the tool and where you can be in touch directly experts in OpenPPM implantation.




    -Bruno Collet (23-09-2013)

    On the same topic, is there somewhere a demo instance of OpenPPM running?
    I’d like to have a look at it without installing.
    I also believe it would increase adoption rate.





    -Fabrice (26-09-2013)

    Hi Bruno,

    If you are interested in seeing a live demo of the product, you can go to and request a demo.



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