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    Hi, Thanks for the nice project.

    Is it possible to integrate OpenPPM with third party software. In my case, I have an issue tracking system where I would like to listen for Activities inside a Project and create those in the third party issue tracking system.
    Does OpenPPM have any listeners or event based model so I can register for the events and act on it when they happened. I browsed through the source and saw the plugin mechanism , is that something that can be used?




    -Talaia (17-12-2015)

    Hi Raja,

    Thanks for using OpenPPM.

    In order to integrate with 3rd partu Software, you indeed need to work through the Plugin mechanism.
    You can take example on the Project Charter, Change Management Document or Project Closing Report that are built through plugins.





    -Raja Venkataraman (17-12-2015)

    Thanks Fabrice. The ones in the plugins source folder were to do with reporting it looks like(Found jrxml files for each of the three plugins).

    Is it possible to know what other types of integration (in my case, atleast for now, looking for activity create/edit and project initiation hooks) are possible.

    Best Regards



    -Talaia (17-12-2015)

    Any Plugin are possible. They just need to be developped. In our Profesional version, TALAIA OpenPPM, for example we offer Integration Plugins with MS Project compatible files (MS Project, Gantter, etc..), Redmine and JIRA


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