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    How does one create another company in OpenPPM? So far, I have manually created entries in the database tables to create new companies, and that seems to work. However, is there an easier way?



    -Joan Barceló (26-09-2012)

    OpenPPM, as a Project Portfolio Management Solution, is designed to use a Company as the highest administration level and Performing Organization (PO) for project execution. Usually OpenPPM users are creating several Performing Organizations to represent their company hierarchy and structure. Remember that the Portfolio Manager will only be able to acces and view the information of the investments and projects from its own company, but not from several ones at a time.

    As such, OPENPPM does not have a specific utility to create new companies (it was meant to be a one-time off creation when you install OPENPPM). Therefore the way you did it is the only and correct one. 😉

    Nevertheless OPENPPM is designed as a web native cloud solution, and is able to handle and support in a securized mode as many companies as you would like.

    Hope this answers your question. Thanks very much for your feedback and input.

    We hope you enyoy OpenPPM 🙂

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