5 skills every Project Manager should have

Speaks today about Project Manager profile is important. Don’t find any organization that not have in its personal.

We are talk about whose people that manage since start to execution of project, organizing the necessary resources for complement the job with exit. Must be a professional with many leader abilities that helps to consecution of objectives. The keys of this job are:

  • To have knowledges about all processes and can allow a control
  • To have good communication skills with all interested parts in project
  • To have good project plan that helps to measure one and all the parts and actions that are doing
  • To have planed the goals with all the participants in project
  • To have support since all parts of organization



If we focus in the important skills of Project Manager we can definite many, for this reason we have selected the five that consider more important for developing tasks in the best way.


  1. Team manager. One reason of project fails in some occasions is for poor management of team. A goal of project more definite represents a startled of project and possibilities have an idea clearer about task.


  1. Project Manager languages change, grows, uses acronyms, etc. For this reason, never has to forgot that not everyone’s have same knowledge necessities and should talks in easy terms. Keeps a good communication, simple, clear, direct and motivational is one of the basic rules. The key is too doing good when explain the objectives and priorities because the teams focus on details and goals their tasks.


  1. Time Management. Traditionally the time management about project was sufficient in done, for this reason one of best abilities that have to a Project Manager is division and share out in a good way the tasks because the time used for do the job will be the minor possible and doing in the best way.


  1. Day a day of a Project Manager is the negotiation with clients stabilizing the goals are going to go with the realization of projects as too for the resolution of conflicts in the same organization.


  1. Team work. This part starts since Resources Human department, is the responsible to selection the personal that will form part of team, they are going to do the projects for this reason a good Project Manager has to know work in team and adapts to the circumstances.