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“After with more than 20 years managing projects, we realized that the use of a tool was fundamental in order to evolve from task management level, incorporating new simple and intuitive features for better visibility, in order to facilitate decision making. So was born TALAIA OpenPPM.

To create TALAIA OpenPPM, we decided to follow the PMBOK standard but we also asked programmers, architects, program managers and top management to tell us their needs and concerns so we could build a software that would provide a global vision with real time information, allowing reporting, planning, project, program and investment control. All together with our technical team we keep improving TALAIA OpenPPM days in days out, as passionate for project management that we are.”

Fabrice Allibert, Director at Talaia OpenPPM

Fabrice Allibert

SM2 Software & Services Management is a company specialized in IT and software development with the capacity and alliances to provide “end to end solutions”. Currently we count more than 146 experts from programmer, analysts, technical architects, consultants and project managers.

We work for major corporations in Tourism, Finance, Public Administration and Health sectors, helping our customers to reach their goals.

Talaia Team


Carlos G.

Principal Consultant

Míriam Jové Talaia

Míriam Jové

Direct Manager

Jordi Ripoll Talaia

Jordi Ripoll

Analyst developer

Jorge Amat Talaia

Jorge Amat

Senior Software Developer

Francesc Bisquerra Talaia

Francesc Bisquerra

Full stack developer

José Cabrera Talaia

Jose Cabrera

Frontend Developer

Juan Carlos Talaia

Juan Carlos

Business Development Manager

Fran Castillo Talaia

Fran Castillo

Design & mkt

Martín Pons Talaia

Martín Pons