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    How do I setup a connection to Alfresco for document management ?

    In a presentation, I saw a slide that implies this is possible (page 22 “integration”) :

    The main web-site also says it’s possble to “register links to document managers” in the “Our Approach -> No Change” section.

    I couldn’t find any instructions or options for doing this. Some hints would be great…




    -Talaia (08-09-2015)


    OpenPPM offers 3 ways to integrate documentation:
    – File System Mgt only where you simply can upload the documentation to the Database
    – Link Mgt: You can only paste a link to a documentation
    – Mix ways: You can should whether to upload a doc in database or paste a link

    In the Admin Module in the General Settings you can configurate which option you want.

    In case that you are using Alfresco, then the natural way of integrating OpenPPM & Doc from Alfresco is through the link Mgt. Your alfresco software allows you to publish link to a doc, so you simply have to paste the link in OpenPPM and your problem is solved. You know have a doc associated to your project and you can benefit from you Alfresco Mgt system and all its features like it should be, and keeping only one single software to manage doc for your company.

    You can do this by the way with any file system that has the capability to publish link to a doc , which the case of any proper doc management system, even the free ones (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc..). We believe that this is the best way of doing things.




    -Shaun Deacon (08-09-2015)

    Hi Fabrice,

    Ah, OK…I understand.

    I was originally hoping that there was a tighter integration with Alfresco possible (perhaps through CMIS, an embedded portlet/widget, or some other means) allowing browsing of the document management repository from within OpenPPM. However, the “link management” capability you describe is fine. Thanks for the explanation.





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