Monthly Project Managers Meetup Singapore

Last thursday, april 12, had done the event that’s Brickwell Pte Ltd made, our partner in both Singapore and Malaysia, about Talaia Open PPM Project management tool. The meet taked place in EPM International Centre of Singapore.

We have a total of 21 guests and the event started from 5:30 PM with registration of attendants. The open ceremony has been by Linus / Terence and continued among the first conference of meetup, made by the anfitrion organization, they spoken about all benefits of Talaia Open PPM under the name Talaia – The Project Manager Tools for to give the turn of guests with a questions and answers. The journey continued with the other speaker, AIPMM (Assosiation of Internacional Product Marketing & Management), that’s realice a comparative about Project Management vs. Product Manager Framework, also included a questions and answers. For tail end of event we have made a Networking, that’s allow increase the contacts net and promote more information about Talaia Open PPM. The closing ceremony had done at 20:30 PM for ending with exit the meetup.

The Resource Scenario Simulator is a new functionality included in TALAIA

The Resource Scenario Simulator is a new functionality included in TALAIA in February 2018 from version TALAIA OpenPPM ® – Project Portfolio Management Fiona v7.6.0 and on.
The Resource Scenario Simulator allows the user to gain a high level vision of the capacity of resources with a
specific job category, in relation to planned hours (in projects initiating or planning) and hours allocated in projects in execution status. This information will allow you to plan the execution start date of projects now in initiating and planning status, knowing the capacity estimation of your resources and therefore assuring its disponibility.In the Resource Scenario Simulator, once the simulation has been executed, you will find a table for every single job
category selected that will display all this information:
• PLANNED HOURS: You will see the total amount of planned hours, either in Virtual Preassigments and/
or TM Preassigments/Assigments. It is important to remember that Planned Hours may vary if they come from:
• VIRTUAL PREASSIGMENTS: They do not have an associated Calendar, and therefore when calculating
the workload in hours generic working days of 8 hours/5 days a week (from Monday to Friday) apply, so
exception days are considered WORKING DAYS.
• TM PREASSIGMENTS AND ASSIGMENTS: In the case of TM Assigments/Preassigments, a calendar is
associated to each TM, therefore when calculating the workload in hours (in preassigments and assigments)
exception days are considered NON-WORKING DAYS.
• THEORETICAL CAPACITY: It represents the maximum quantity of working hours per month that can
be executed when all TMs from the same PO and Job Category are allocated. When calculating this Theoretical
Capacity a generic working day of 8 hours/5 days a week (from Monday to Friday) applies, so exception days
are considered WORKING DAYS.
• OPERATIONS: This field represents the sum of Operation hours approved in APP2 and APP3 per month
(holidays, medical leave, etc.) for all TMs from the same PO and Job Category.
[OPERATIONS] and represents, for all TMs from the same PO and Job Category, the quantity of work hours
available per month, not considering any possible scheduled absences.
• CAPACITY ALLOCATED IN PROGRESS (EXECUTION): It represents, for projects in
progress status, the quantity of work hours assigned in either Virtual Preassigments or TM Preassigments/
Assigments for TMs with an specific PO and Job Category.
ALLOCATED IN PROGRESS] and represents the real amount of TM working hours available for other projects
in initiating or planning status, where all TMs share the same job category.
• CAPACITY REQUIRED: It is calculated as the sum of all Planned Hours in all the projects to be simulated.
• BALANCE: This is the result of the simulation and pictures a different value, positive or negative, based on
whether you have enough TMs available with an specific job category to allow you to execute your project in the simulated timeframe. It is calculated as the substraction [CAPACITY AVAILABLE] – [CAPACITY REQUIRED]


We release web and we want to celebrate it with you!

Our TALAIA OpenPPM Software is happy!

We inaugurate web! And to celebrate it we want to expand our #Freetrial to 60 days. If you register during the month of November you can enjoy a start of your projects totally free for 2 months.

Send us an email and we will activate the permissions to extend your test.

Once you register you can check that TALAIA OpenPPM meets all the requirements to manage your projects easily and simply, we have a tutorial that guide you step by step and manage projects from start to finish. It’s really simple and intuitive. In the period of use free you can register your entire portfolio of projects and investments, you can add roles, progress, suppliers, control of resources …

And all under the PMBOK and ISO methodology. Go ahead and try the free version, you do not need to download any software or configure on your servers, it is a tool that has a cloud service, you can access it from anywhere and under a totally collaborative environment. Did you like the trial period? Talk to our team and we will dump your company’s data and we will create an environment for you and your entire team, you will see how easy it can be to go from the paper and the Excel tables to TALAIA OpenPPM, it has no learning curve but being necessary we offer training courses and we make sure that the start is 100% effective from the first moment and it is expandable to the whole organization regardless of the size that you have.

We often currently dealing with companies manage their projects in a non-agile way, use several tools that do not allow them to unify the data, with TALAIA OpenPPM that does not happen, it has incorporated common functionalities for several departments and also integrates with other programs or task managers , so you can continue to manage the tasks as before but, when integrating with TALAIA, they will also be reflected and accounted for within the same environment.

Do you have more questions? Get in touch with our customer service department

Do you want a TALAIA OpenPPM demo?


Register now and one member of Talaia Team will give you an over view about Talaia OpenPPM

Or if you want, you can join for the next webinar writing to

We have a personaly attention for you

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New partner Partner in South Africa!! Visualitics

We have a new partner in South Africa,  Visualitics company join us to can offer TALAIA OpenPPM to his customers.

Visualitics  help your partners to develop tools and strategies for different areas like, health, telcos, mining, commerce… making decisions in real.

You can contact them on their website, view partner section.


The Company Imperium, from Sri Lanka, is joining our partner network

The Company Imperium, from Sri Lanka, is joining our partner network.

Impremium (Pvt) Ltd is a company that designs software, development, technology and services. They offer useful and affordable solutions to satisfy the complex requirements of their customers. A practical way of thinking mixed with a great experience, 100% committed to providing quality in 100% of the activities they undertake. Impremium always offers its products and solutions on time. This is the result from a close coordination and work of a committed team, with a project management philosophy and mantra, as well! Doing things on time is very important, and they are well aware. Why?……… “because customers have their own work plans and a business to manage as well! They have a deep understanding of the business needs that are crucial in the design and development of a definitive solution.

Impremium (Pvt) Ltd first started operating in 2012, as a software department working under 3SG Corporation (Pvt) Ltd., an Outsourcing services provider (BPO) that is respected in the US market. A pioneer in BPO in Sri Lanka, 3SG was established more than 15 years ago. 3SG is a Prime Group subsidiary, which is headquartered in Connecticut, USA. BPO’s success in its off-shore operations were carried out by 3SG for the Canadian operations of BMW in the US and, occidental and Seguros Mundial, NiSource of energy, etc. With the purpose of focusing on design and development of software, the software department of 3SG was incorporated as Impremium (Pvt) Ltd in January of 2015, with a group of 10 professionals.

They have a wide range of services and offer third-party products, such as our TALAIA OpenPPM tool. To contact them you can access the partner section in our website:

We received KIDesign.IO our partner in Canada and EEUU

This morning we received the visit of KIDesign.IO our partner from Canada and USA, recently joined our network of partners.

KIDesign are specialists in:

Big Data Analytics, Protection, & Project Management

Help organizations to develop innovative data protection solutions based on our international expertise and experience.


Expert advisory on compliance with US, Canadian and European legislation and standards.

Data Protection

Curating innovative products and services, in-house and by trusted partners, to help you achieve risk mitigation targets.

Executive Training

Customized training courses designed to help leaders re-imagine Project & Portfolio Management, Privacy, Cybersecurity and Big Data.

PPM Tools & Support

They can help your organization to configure, manage and support CA-PPM, Planview, and Microsoft Project Server.

Innovation Lab Building

They can help your organization to develop models, shape cultures and measure results that foster innovation.

Sentiment Analysis

Provide analytics as an amenity using multiple channels of information to enlighten your company or political party on public sentiment towards a product, idea or project.

TALAIA OpenPPM is inviting you OpenExpo in Madrid

TALAIA OpenPPM is inviting you to the upcoming #OpenExpo, on July 1st in Madrid. To register for the event, introduce the invitation code:  OE17433

You cannot miss one of the biggest and most important Spanish OpenSource events.


OpenExpo 2017, 4th Fair and Annual Conference about Open Source, Free Software and Open World Economy (Open Data and Open Innovation) meet on June 1, 2017 in Madrid more than 3000 professionals and companies looking for business generation. The aim of OpenExpo is to share, present, discover and evaluate solutions and industry trends offered by the Open Source & Free Software and Open World Economy (Open Data and Open Innovation).

A meeting with more than 3,000 senior professionals in just one day: representatives of major companies and institutions, open source developers, hackers, experts, suppliers and users of all levels. The highest return on investment through exhibition opportunities, conferences and sponsorship in a day of lectures, case studies, keynotes, workshops, demos and other parallel activities around the world free technologies.

OpenExpo has become the largest event in the Open Source & Free Software sector and Open World Economy (Open Data and Open Innovation) in Spain, the point of reference for open technologies in our country.

The wide range of exhibitions and the extensive and attractive content of the Congress make OpenExpo a unique combination aimed at all types of companies, regardless of size or sector. Companies of Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Clustering & Grid, CMS, providers in the open source ecosystem, the latest in Business Security, IOT, Network Management, Web Hosting, Innovation and Technology come together in the same space and in Just one day to showcase its new products, technological solutions and the latest trends.

OpenExpo is a vibrant event that shows the strength of the Open Software in Spain and that meets every year in Madrid to personalities of the sector, professionals and companies in search of business generation. The goal of OpenExpo is to disseminate, present, discover and evaluate the solutions and trends of the industry offered by Open Source & Open Software and Open World Economy (Open Data and Open Innovation).

A meeting with senior professionals of the sector in just one day: representatives of major companies and institutions, open source developers, hackers, experts, suppliers and users of all levels. The largest return on investment through exhibition, conference and sponsorship opportunities in a day of conferences, success stories, Keynotes, workshops, round tables, demos and other parallel activities around the world of free technologies.

Free Trial TALAIA OpenPPM 30 Days!

You will be able to try out TALAIA OpenPPM for free for an entire month.

This free trial month includes:

The most recent version containing all of its functions.

User name and password to access.

A trial with various profiles according to the user’s role.

A complete aid guide.

Completely in the cloud, no need to download the tool on the devices.

Fill out the form and we will send you an e-mail that includes the access password, from that moment on you will enjoy of an environment where you will be able to try our software for thirty days.


If you have any doubts, you can contact our technical support. They will be more than happy to help you.

Would you like to contact with our commerce team? 

Remember that TALAIA OenPPM is a software that manages projects and programs in accordance with the PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge of PMI) standards, EVC (standard ANSI for costs control) and ISO21500. In contrast with all of the other project portfolios, it is an affordable tool regardless of the size of your company. It does not have any discharge or software maintenance costs. Compared with other equivalent tools of the market, the total property cost is reduced and it does not increase with time.

User profiles:

Each user has access to a determined working area, according with his or her role in the company. TALAIA OpenPPM allows the assignment of the following roles: PMO, Investments Manager, Project Manager, Team Manager, Resources Manager, Functional Manager, Sponsor, Stake holders. TALAIA OpenPPM is multi-profile, therefore, it can assign different profiles to each user. TALAIA OpenPPM is a solution developed by SM2 Software & Services Management.

New Partner TALAIA OpenPPM in Chile

We have recently incorporated a new Partner in Chile from TALAIA OpenPPM B&C Consultants.

B & C Asesores y Consultores, company founded in 2010 in response to the need for companies to outsource those functions that are related to information technologies, whether those functions that are part of the value chain of their products, or Of those that are part of the core of your business. In this way, efficiency, quality and opportunity are pursued in the execution of the functions, as well as maximize the benefits of the business of its clients. A future is a company with expectations to be recognized in the reference market in the field of technologies that deliver their customers quality services and competitive. Consultancies deliver IT services that enable its customers to differentiate themselves and generate added value to their products and services by using information technologies allowing them to more profitable businesses.

B & C Asesores y Consultores, Services:

Requirements Engineering: A good survey of requirements in IT projects is key to that softrware to develop components meet functional expectations of end users. In this respect B & C Ltda. Offers its customers the service requirements engineering where our business engineers involved in the initial phase of the project, raising requirements and proposing in turn process improvements. As a communication tool with users we use UML modeling language and Use Cases.

Business Process Modeling Our engineers have extensive experience in business process modeling in different industries and use standard modeling languages in the market such as BPMN and modeling support tools such as BizAgi and Apia Facillis

Outsoursing Our outsourcing service is oriented to a key aspect within IT projects, IT Project Management. The success of any project depends on the good management of the human and material resources used in its execution. For this, it is essential that this management be accompanied by the use of methodologies that meet the best market practices in this discipline. Our professionals have vast experience in the management of IT projects, with mastery of methodologies such as SCRUM and good practices such as those formalized in PMI’s PMBOOK. This minimizes the risks and obtains projects very close to what the client expects.

Web Portals We develop web portals through the use of open source tools, so implementing a website has tangible benefits to the client such as the speed of implementation and its cost since the client should not incur software development costs or licenses software. Our web portals are implemented with open source tools such as: Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.

Workflow We have the expertise to implement an open source workflow tool that has world class features with web interface, workflow design, user roles, forms design, sending emails, flows with decisions, task tray, etc. By contracting our Joget Workflow 2.0 implementation service, you will not have to incur costs of developing a workflow for your business or software licenses or database, the costs involved are related to the accomplishment of a good design of the Workflows, form design and configuration and implementation activities, contact us and you will be amazed.

TALAIA OpenPPM Partners of TALAIA OpenPPM, experts in our Software in the implementation and sale of services. Experts in Project Management with a trajectory in our tool of years managing projects with it. See more at: #sthash.bnkvsx77.dpuf