PMOS. What really needs to be done?

How PMOs should fit into an organization? Consulting on any Project Management platform we realize that recently a lot of attention has been paid to the purpose and value of the PMO, and this has been done from advice on daily activities in companies that work with PMO. Let’s take some time to see what […]

Discover TALAIA


In this webinar you will have the opportunity to learn more about TALAIA OpenPPM, a new Project Portfolio Management tool based on the PMBOK (R) standards.  TALAIA OpenPPM is an intuitive mid-range PPM solution designed for quick implementation and is scalable from small to large organizations. During the webinar we will cover: * How Talaia […]

Guide for Project Management Offices beginner’s

Starter guide for Project Management Offices As we explained in a previous article, the PMOs serve to ensure that companies understand the value of the investments of their projects, usually focused on improving the stability of the management processes. The PMOs can have several formats, adapting to the needs according to functions. The fifth edition […]

G’day Altassian Event

We had the honor of attending the event held in Madrid by Altassian. The director of TALAIA, Fabrice Allibert has been in the exclusive meeting, where he has been able to know where the business teams are heading, the challenges that arise from technological changes and how to optimize processes in innovative terms. All this, […]

TALAIA Project Dashboard

Discover the TALAIA Dashboard that allows you to see all the details of your project portfolio. It has different filters to know the state in which they are and allows you to add others to complement the information of the projects. With our dashboard you will be able to know the latest reports, updates, milestones, […]

Learn how to do a Time Reporting of your work

Check our new TALAIA video related to the Team Member (TM) profiles features. You will discover what a TM can see and do in our solution. You will learn more about how to report, validate your project and operation timesheet, and see information such as, assignments, workload, calendar…

New international partner network

From TALAIA we want to let you know that we are looking to expand our partner network. We want to grow with companies specialized in Project Management and that want to complement their offer. Since we have a new expansion and positioning program in which, if your company is focused on project management, you might […]


Have you received our Christmas Card? You can see in this video how to set up step by step, also, we have included the document if you want to Download Origami Smartphone Stand template and repeat to many times that you want. If you are there because you are searching for origami smartphone stand, you […]

TALAIA cooperates with Project .Pax

Project. Pax participes of Project Management course in UBA (University of Buenos Aires). Our partner in Argentina, Marcelo Collia, is doing a masteclass of Project Management in the University of Buenos Aires. The studies are based in the improvement of learned process, in particular way for the retention of concepts and the concepts formation. The […]